Monday, September 8, 2008

Time to catch up!!

Once again, it has been a few weeks since I last updated. Alot has happened since then. Allan soloed, I went to Boston & Vermont, I've been working like crazy, and Allan had his first check ride.

First up- Allan's solo. It went well (from what I heard). I was upset to miss it, but Meghan was able to be there to take pictures for me. Thanks Meghan!! Allan was thrown into the Pogo tank after his flight. It's a tradition to do that, and alot of the guys in his class were there to "help" out. I personally wouldn't want to go into that water, but who am I to question tradition?

Allan also had his first "checkride" last Friday. It's a flight where you get graded on everything you do, and you must meet a certain level of proficency. He got a 10G (that's good, average is 14-15G). It means that he only got marked off on 10 different things out of about 30. He is also mid-phase now. Which means he is halfway through this portion of training!!! We'll find out the second week of December what he will be flying next. We'll know the exact date when it gets a little bit closer.

As for me, I went to Boston the end of August for Alicia's bridal shower. Also, that same weekend, my maid-of-honor, Leslie, got married. They only announced that they were getting married 2 weeks prior. They were going to just get married in Mexico, but didn't want to deal with the legal hassles, so they did it before they left. So...that meant that I wasn't able to go. But Leslie understood. While in Boston, we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory, Fenway (didn't get to see a game), the Sam Adams Brewery, Quincy Market, and of course, Harvard. I had a blast and it was great being in cooler weather!! I've been putting in alot of hours at work recently. After I got back from Boston, I worked 11 days straight. I guess that's what I get for taking time off!!

We had a TON of rain recently too. I thought that we were gonna have to build an ark!

Here are a few pics. Check out our album page to see all of them!