Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well...Allan is schedule to solo *sometime* this week. The date has changed 3-4 times due to the bad weather that we've been having. It looks likes, as of now, he's going to solo on Thurs. Which sucks (for me)....that's the day that I'm flying to Boston for Alicia's wedding shower. It's not a "Big Deal" kinda thing to miss, just something that I wanted to see. So, I'm a little bummed....but, that's life in the Air Force, what can I do. I'm sure that there will be more stuff down the road that will get missed out on. :-(

Work is going well for me. I'm enjoying it and I really like my co-workers. I'm still waiting to hear back form the schools though.

That's about it from down here. I'll post after Allan solos and any pics, if there are any!