Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

Wow!! It's been 2 wonderful, crazy years since we tied the knot! Hard to believe. Alot has happened since then: 4 moves in 3 states, Allan started (and is almost finished with) flight school, he got promoted, and our first child is due in 9 weeks. He is a wonderful husband and I have truly been blessed. (I hope he feels the same about me!!) We went to lunch today, and since he is night flying (leaves for work at 4 pm and returns ~3 am) we are going to celebrate this weekend. We have reservations down in Destin, FL. Should be fun!

Allan got his "dream sheet" yesterday. That means that we are in the process of figuring out where we would like to spend the next 4 years of our life, ranked by preference. Fortunately, Allan is fairly high up in his class, meaning we should get our 1st or 2nd choice (provided they are even available). He has to turn it in next Tues, and we will find out the results on July 24th!!

I'll do our baby update tomorrow.

....and now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 weeks

We just got back from Disney World on Tuesday. A GREAT time was had by all!! Allan was able to make it down for the weekend, which made it more special. It was hot and humid, but we all made the best of it and sought out shows with A/C!! I even got to meet Tinkerbell!! Heehee! As much fun as the trip was, I'm glad to be back home, off my feet, and sleeping in my own bed.

Rachaels' "first" pair of ears!

Always the princess!

This was in our hotel lobby.

Now for the baby update:

Your baby's brain is getting smarter by the minute, but for Mom, the only thing that smarts right now may be heartburn pain.

These days you may feel as if you've got a flamethrower in your chest. Heartburn is one of the most common (and annoying) pregnancy ailments and here's why: The same pregnancy hormones that cause your body's pelvic muscles to relax so you can deliver your baby also relax the ring of muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach. The upshot? Food and digestive juices can head upstream from your tummy into your chest and throat — hence, the infernal inferno. Your expanding uterus, now exerting pressure on your stomach, only fuels the fire. And speaking of your belly, its increasing size is a definite clue that your baby is getting bigger every day, weighing in at over three pounds now. Also growing daily is his brain, which is actually starting to look like the real thing with those characteristic grooves and wrinkles. And now that your little genius can regulate his own body temperature and turn up the heat, he'll start shedding lanugo, the downy body hair that's been keeping him warm up until now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

29 weeks & 4D Ultrasound

We had our 4D ultrasound yesterday. It was AMAZING!!! We got some great pictures from it. Rachael was sleeping for most of it. (Go figure, that's what she did for the last US!) She's currently breech, sorta in a "V" position with her head and feet in my ribs on either side. That explains why my ribs have been KILLING me! There's still plenty of room and time for her to flip (many times) before she makes her grand entrance though. We're off to Disney World tomorrow!!!

Now for some pictures, then our regularly scheduled update....

Your baby's packing on the pounds, which look so cute on her. If only you could say the same for your varicose veins....

Your baby is almost 17 inches tall now, nearly as tall as he or she will be at birth. But that three-pound weight will likely more than double — and may even come close to tripling — by delivery time.

At 29 weeks pregnant, your baby is almost 17 inches tall now (nearly as tall as he or she will be at birth), and close to three pounds (a weight that will likely more than double — and may even come close to tripling — by delivery time). His or her wrinkled skin is smoothing out as more fat is deposited under the skin surface. This fat, called white fat, is different from the earlier brown fat that your developing fetus accumulated. Brown fat is necessary for body temperature regulation while white fat (the fat you have, Mom) actually serves as an energy source.

Which explains why your energizer baby feels so…well…energized! Space in your baby's living quarters is now at a premium, so you'll be feeling jabs and pokes from elbows and knees mostly. But those kicks will be more vigorous than before (and also less erratic) because your baby is stronger and excitedly responding to all sorts of stimuli — movement, sounds, light, and that candy bar you ate half an hour ago.

Luckily, your baby doesn't have teeth yet that would need a brushing after that sugary treat, but it won't be long before you'll need to buy that first baby toothbrush! You'll recall that your baby's baby-teeth buds formed weeks ago, but now the buds for permanent teeth are forming in his or her gums as well.

And back to those kicks, who's counting? Actually, you should be. Now's a good time to start doing a kick count twice a day to make sure baby's doing just fine (plus, it's a good excuse for a rest). Lie down (preferably after a snack) and keep track of your baby's movements. You're looking for at least ten movements in an hour's time (don't forget to count movements of any kind — kicks, flutters, swishes, rolls, and so on).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

28 weeks

Not much new here. Allan is flying formation this week and will be starting nights next week (YUCK). He'll be finishing up in 6 1/2 weeks!!! Hard to belive that it's already that close!

Baby Update:

Your baby is settling into the proper position for birth, with his head facing downward (toward your body's nearest exit!). Your little work in progress is now about 2.5 pounds and almost 16 inches long. He's busy adding new skills such as blinking to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths. Your baby's sleep now includes the REM (rapid eye movement) phase — and that means he could be dreaming already (what do you suppose he's dreaming about?). Though his lungs are nearly fully mature (so both of you might breathe a little easier if he were born now), your baby still has plenty of growing to do.

While it's good news that your baby is settling into the right position for childbirth (since you're now entering the third trimester), the potentially painful news is his head — plus the weight of your uterus — may now be sitting on your sciatic nerve, which runs through the lower part of your back, buttocks, and legs. This common condition (called sciatica) can cause sharp, shooting pain and/or tingling or numbness, starting in your rear end and radiating down the backs of your legs. The best thing to do for sciatica (and the rest of your week 28 aches and woes)? Take it easy — and hope your baby changes position sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

27 weeks

I had a GREAT (if very busy) time at home!! With 3 baby showers, 2 graduations, and 1 family grad party it was pretty crazy. Most of that was in 1 weekend!! I enjoyed visiting everyone and even got to go to a Rangers game (double-header with fireworks after!). I teased Allan about it being Rachael's "first" baseball game, which he VERY forcefully claimed it wasn't! Haha!! now, I have to unpack so that I can repack to go to Disneyworld with the family in two weeks. I can't wait!!! But...before I get to have more fun, I have a TON of thank you notes to write. Guess I better get to it.....

Here's our 27 week update:

Your baby moves on to a whole new growth chart this week, while your swollen feet and ankles may need a growth chart of their own!
Puffy? That's to be expected — about 75 percent of soon-to-be moms experience edema (mild swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles) around this point in pregnancy. That's because fluids build up in your body tissues thanks (or no thanks) to increased blood flow and uterine pressure on the vena cava (the large vein that cycles blood from your lower limbs to your heart). So while you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes or getting your rings on (or off), keep in mind that the puff factor is completely normal and temporary. As for baby, it's time to trade in the old crown-to-rump measurement for a new head-to-toe standard (that's 15 inches this week — more than a foot long!). His weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over two pounds. More big news: Your baby may recognize your voice by now, so feel free to serenade your belly.

Most babies this age, yours included, still like to snuggle in a slightly curled position inside the uterus (thus the term "fetal position"). Even so, beginning at this stage, your baby's length will be measured from top of head to toe — which makes your baby nearly a full 15 inches now. And at just over two pounds, he or she has doubled in weight from four weeks ago.

Your baby's auditory development (hearing) is progressing as the network of nerves to the ears matures. And even though the sounds your baby hears are muffled (thanks to the creamy coating of vernix covering those ears), he or she may recognize both yours and your partner's voices. So this might be a good time to read and even sing to your baby (or rather, your belly) — and a good chance to start boning up on those nursery rhymes and lullabies you'll need to be repeating (and repeating) pretty soon. And while you're at it, here's another way to have some family fun at 27 weeks pregnant: If your partner presses his ear to your belly, he might be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Your baby's taste buds are very developed now too (with more taste buds than he or she will ever have outside the womb, actually). Need a taste test? If you eat some spicy food (you hot mama, you), your baby will be able to taste the difference in the amniotic fluid (but keep in mind that you'll have different mealtimes, with your baby's coming about two hours after yours). Some babies will even respond to that spicy kick by hiccupping. And although hiccups (which feel like belly spasms to you) may seem like they're disturbing to your baby, he or she isn't stressed at all. It's just one more sensation that babies need to get used to.