Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Month, Another Post

I know, I know....yet another month has gone by without a post. My bad.

On the training front: Allan is now more than halfway through T-6's. I think he has a few instrument flights and then Formation left to do. But, don't hold me to that! He should be landing very shortly from his cross-country flight this past weekend. The flightplans changed about 20 times (a shocker, I know) but he ultimately ended up going out to Pensacola, FL then back here via Ft. Worth on Monday night. While in Florida, he ran into our friend Chuckie in a random bar. I'm not sure who was more surprised, as Chuck is currently stationed in South Carolina. I'm sure much fun was had by both. Allan got to meet our new nephew Caleb, who was born in June, while in Ft. Worth. He also got to eat at Joe T. Garcia's (I'm soooo jealous!) with our families. All in all it sounded like he had a good time. He tracks in 2 months!!!

I've been working at B&BW and subbing some. While Allan was flying all over the place, I went to San Antonio with friends. We went to Six Flags and had a great time!! I was more excited by the fact that I got to go shopping at a Target while waiting to meet up with everyone!!

That's about all from down in Del Rio!


Dan Quinlan said...

Yeah, Chuck told me about their midnight rendezvous, that's crazy; what are the chances? Enjoy formation coming up, that was by far my favorite part of T6s!

The Great Hunt Family said...

You went to Target??? I am soooo jealous!! I want to go to Target, too!!