Wednesday, March 25, 2009

17 weeks

Another week down, another week closer! We have an appointment on April 13th to *hopefully* find out if we're having a boy or girl! I say hopefully, because if baby doesn't cooperate, we won't be finding out anything!

Allan is flying out and backs now. They are what they sound like....they fly out somewhere, and then back here. So far he has only been flying in the local area. Today he's off to Panama City,FL (weather permiting).

Here's a picture from last week.....

Now for the *technical* update:

How big is your baby at 17 weeks pregnant? About five inches long and more than three and a half ounces — the size of your open hand. (Open the other one too and imagine your baby cradled in both your arms right after delivery!) Body fat (baby's, that is) is beginning to form and will continue to accumulate through the end of your pregnancy. By the time your baby is born, body fat will make up about two-thirds of his or her weight (and will make all those chubby parts especially yummy). Your baby is almost certainly listening up by now. In fact, loud noises — the dog barking, the doorbell ringing — will actually startle your baby (and also get him or her used to such noises; for instance, fetuses who regularly hear a dog barking will become babies who sleep right through Fido's outbursts).

Your baby's eyes (which have fortunately finished their migration to the front of his or her head) are making small side-to-side movements and can even perceive some light, though the eyelids are still sealed. And since practice makes perfect, your baby is sharpening his or her sucking and swallowing skills in preparation for that first (and second…and third) suckle at your breast or bottle. In fact, most of the survival reflexes that your baby will have at birth are being perfected in utero right now.

And here's some proof that your baby is truly one of a kind (as if you needed any!). Within the next week or so, the pads on your baby's fingertips and toes will become adorned with completely individual swirls and creases (aka fingerprints).

Remember when you were so queasy you could barely stomach ginger ale and a cracker? Happily, your toilet-hugging days (and nights) are probably over. And happily (and hungrily) these days it's more likely that you can't get enough to eat. For most women, the second trimester not only brings relief from morning sickness, but also brings on a truck driver's appetite. Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel hungry enough to polish off a 24-ounce porterhouse, a three-pound lobster (with lots of butter), or a whole tray of baked ziti at 17 weeks pregnant. And was that you who turned that extra large pizza into a personal pan?
What's turning you into a one-woman demolition derby at the buffet? What has you outeating your spouse (and often, eating food off his plate?) Simple — you're taking signals from your baby, who's getting bigger and hungrier. Just a few sensible words of advice, however, as you interpret those signals: Though it may be a relief to enjoy food again after three months of queasies (and aversions), you may want to proceed to the dinner table with caution. Keep in mind that no matter how big or hungry your baby is, eating for two should never be taken literally during pregnancy; if it is, you'll end up looking like two…of you. Now's a good time to play weight gain catch-up if you didn't gain enough (or even lost) weight during the first trimester. But if you find your weight gain is getting ahead of itself, you may want to reel your appetite in just a tad. Remember, too, as you're diving fork-first into that second plateful of pasta, that there's no better time than now to foster the optimal eating habits during pregnancy that will fuel the growth of your healthy baby.

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Jen Sain said...

My advice, having had to go back a week later because Caleb would not cooperate with the tech, drink a large diet or regular (whatever you fancy) Dr. Pepper before. Drink something with lots of sugar and caffine, but the key is to not pee unless it is absolutely necessary. Give that baby not very much space to get away from the tech!